First time I tried this recipe a few years ago I was very skeptical about having a 4 minute microwave pudding. I had never heard of a microwave cake let alone made one but I was pleasantly surprised. This pudding is very rich mainly because of the use if dark cooking chocolate. I LOVE IT, hope you do.

Serves 8


·        250g unsalted butter

·        1 cup caster sugar

·        4 eggs at room temperature

·        1 cup self-raising flour

·        ½ cup cocoa powder

·        1/3 cup milk

·        ½ cup finely chopped mixed dried fruit

·        200g dark cooking chocolate, finely chopped

·        Custard to serve


1.     Grease microwave safe bowls ( I used small ramekins and got 8 puddings, the size of the bowl will determine how many puddings you get but it will still serve 8)

2.     Using an electric mixer beat the butter and ½ cup of sugar in a medium bowl until light and fluffy.

3.     Add the eggs one at a time mixing well after each.

4.     Mix the flour and cocoa into a different bowl and sift flour mixture over butter mixture.

5.     Add the milk, dried fruit and chocolate. Stir with a wooded spoon until combined.

6.     Spoon mixture into the bowls. Smooth surface

7.     Microwave on high for four minutes for each bowl

8.     Let to stand for a minute. Then drizzle over custard and serve at once.


NB: Microwave cakes tend to be slightly drier in texture than oven baked cakes. Make this pudding just before serving

– You could also add white chocolate bits

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