Fruit and Nut Snack Mix


It’s the beginning of the year again, well Kinda, and almost everyone talks of weight loss. We are told weight loss is a lot about what we eat and that its good to have a healthy snack between meals. Well nuts are one of those  healthy snacks, they’ve got the healthy kind of fat (monosaturated and Omega 3), and they also lower the risk of heart disease and fruits well we all know fruits are good for you. This is a great snack to keep in the office, your back pack or even in a small container in your handbag, so that at least when you’re hungry you don’t have to look for a samosa. The only issue here is that it is VERY easy to over eat this snack, a handful should be enough other wise if you’re watching your calories you will be doing yourself no good, also try and avoid picking on the fruits only because they are sweet. My pal Q is a culprit of this, she always comes to my office asks for a snack, i give her the mix she picks half the fruits 🙂 and two nuts heheh no pun. Anyway  if you’re not watching your calories I guess you can go Nuts 🙂 and eat all you can. ooooh and please use roasted unsalted nuts.



Roasted Cashew nuts

Roasted peanuts

Roasted almonds

Roasted hazel nuts

Roasted macadamias



Dried mangoes

Dried papaya




Mix all the ingredients up together. The ratio of nuts: fruits should be 2:1. I like hazel nuts so I always use more of that. How easy is that!!!

 NB: you can find all this dried fruits at Nakumatt in the section where they put baking stuff like decorating flowers, raisins, edible silver balls etc The nuts are also available at Nakumatt

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