My Kitchen Garden


For the longest time I have wanted to start a kitchen garden in Kakuma. You see going to the market here is like going to City Park Market or Ngara Market late on a Sunday evening!!! The produce is rarely FRESH. The greens are not a deep green, the carrots are never ORANGE, the apples are soft, and the Dhania (corriander) ooh the dhanias are like a browning green herb that go bad in 3 days tops and the spring onions look like grass that was slashed off two days ago…dead. With all these we are still forced to buy the produce at ridiculously high prices due to the fact that they are transported from Kitale. Due to all these I kept dreaming of how I will start my small garden and plant mainly dhanias. So last time I was home for R&R I decided to go the supermarket and get myself some seeds. So I bought baby spinach, carrots, spring onions, chillies and of course dhanias. I got someone to dig up the space at the end of my house for me


and got some manure from the local community and I planted my seeds. Over the next 3 or so month I expect a lot of challenges, the weather here gets extremely harsh, so that will be my biggest issue, secondly there also a lot of insects that might decide that I am planting for us all and lastly pesky neighbours who think that they can come and harvest on my behalf 🙂 . As you can see from the above photos when its rainy the grass grows really fast, I wish I had taken a pic before the rains so that you see how dry it usually is, but I guess the two before pics are evidence enough of how fast the grass can grow. All in all I am up for the challenge and I am quite frankly looking forward to it all. As my plants grow I will be updating all of you on the progress and the challenges and joys that come with the new “farming” experience. WISH ME LUCK

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