Spicy Beef, Mushroom &Bean Sprouts Stir Fry

I have never been a fun of minced meat. I really don’t have a reason as to my dislike but for as long as I can remember I just could not stand minced meat. So when I saw a photo of this recipe in the March 2012 BBC Good Food Magazine I thought it looked really good and it claimed to be healthy as well (it has two servings of the recommended 5 a day of fruits and vegetables) and I had no idea that the main ingredient was minced meat. I was quite skeptical but decided to try it anyway because of how good the photo looked and I was not disappointed. I actually quite enjoyed it. I should warn you though it doesn’t keep well in the fridge so I ended up throwing out whatever left overs were there as they did not taste as good or look half as great. HAPPY COOKING!!!



·        2 tablespoons vegetable oil

·        500 gm minced beef

·        1 red chilli (I did not have this so I used ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper)

·        6 garlic cloves, crushed

·        150gm mushrooms

·        100 gm bean sprouts

·        4 tablespoons oyster sauce

·        1 tablespoon brown sugar

·        4 spring onions, halved and sliced lengthways (I did not have this so I did not use them)

Basmati rice to serve


1.      Heat a little of the oil in a non-stick wok or large frying pan.

2.      Put in the minced meat and break it up with a wooden spoon for about 10 mins until cooked through, remove and keep aside.

3.      Put the remaining oil in the pan add half the chilli, garlic and mushrooms and cook for a few minutes then add the bean sprouts and mix up.

4.      Return the mince to the pan and add most of the spring onions (if using), the oyster sauce, sugar and 200ml of water.

5.      Bubble for a few minutes then serve immediately with steamed rice. Top with the remaining chilli and spring onions

6.      ENJOY!

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