I have always had a love for cooking. When I was a little girl my mum bought me a small jiko ( a ceramic charcoal powered stove) it was pretty small about the size of a big tin of Milo, it came complete with miniature utensils, a sufuria (cooking pot), a frying pan, a wok, a karai (a chapati tawa) a slotted spoon, mwiko (wooden cooking spoon) etc etc. Mum would prepare her meals, then give me a little piece of everything so that I could cook along side her with my miniature jiko. So as other children were pretend cooking I was already preparing real food.

About a month or so ago my brother Kib was telling me the way I was a pace setter where we lived and unfortunately this meant that I encourage other children to steal without really meaning to. He said that I would always say ” I brought the jiko and utensils you go get oil and you potatoes and you meat, then we cook” these children would mostly go home and steal this food then we would cook. I remember one time when the boys of the estates went hunting for birds and the girls decided they would stay and cook chips (fries) so we cooked and when it was ready I think we went to our homes to get some stuff and when we came back………………the boys had eaten our all chips 😦

Nway I digress. So my love for cooking started when I was very young and has grown with me. It is what I do when I am happy and it’s my escape when I am sad. Over the years many people keep telling me that I chose the wrong career path (I’m currently working as an aid worker in Kakuma Refugee Camp) but I had two passions and this is the only way I knew how to do both.

As I said before, I am currently based in Kakuma Refugee Camp which is really in the middle of no where. It is terribly hot and has little to no amenities so that was where I got the name Foodie in the Desert from. I almost changed the name as I had started to think that I will not be here forever and therefore what would happen to the name once I’m out but my brother Kib (no his not my only brother, his not my favorite and neither is he the brightest) said that its a good name because the name “desert” could signify not only being in the desert but also the ability to cook with little to nothing. So this blog to show all of you that you do not need to be Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver to cook well, that you do not need a state of the art Kitchen to make tasty meals

My little Kakuma “kitchen”

and you do not need gourmet equipment of whip up something interesting.

My Old cooker

my new cooker

So follow me on this food journey as I continue to discover and learn new thing and explore different places. HAPPY COOKING & EATING!!!

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